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Related post: Reward of Silence-02 REWARD OF SILENCE February, 2001 STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY All characters and situations free porn movies pthc are a figment of my imagination. This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this dark pthc top deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage please leave immediately.... REWARD OF SILENCE - Part Two Eric pulled off my T-shirt and sat me down on the bed, Stefano soon joining us, completely bare and sporting a huge grown-up hardon.... I shook from head to foot, whining, scared yet terribly aroused, my boy cock throbbing pthc proibida pic hotly and vicky tony montana pthc the tiny tits painfully erect. They lay me reverseaccess imgboard pthc down and both buddhist bbs pthc climbed in, on either side.... I again felt the awesome touch of male hands and closed my eyes with a soft moan, surrendering myself, as they began to caress me, their hands running sensuously over my tingling flesh, retro pthc tweaking my nipples, massaging my thighs, fondling my stiff cock... squeezing the loaded boy balls. Eric whispered hotly into my buzzing ear, nibbling the lobe... and then he moved lower, licking along my straining neck, leaving a moist trail of saliva as his tongue dragged over it.... while Stefano built bridges of hot kisses i bbs imageboard pthc across my thighs, pthc whore moving up from my knees, the fingers fluttering over the smooth flesh.... advancing threateningly closer and closer to my boy pthc top list aroused groin. They continued licking and kissing me index of pthc mpeg all over, the hot breath burning my tender skin. And then I felt the hot, wet suction around my left nipple and at that same moment also felt a similar heat surround my pubescent penis, agonizingly exquisite! I yelped and my hips jerked pthc hussyfan gallery up at the incredible sensation and opening my eyes I looked down in awe, seeing Eric sucking my tit and further pthc youn down, Stefano bent over my splayed thighs... my dick in his mouth! Oh, that hot mouth around my cock felt absolutely amazing.... mind blowing... I groaned and thrashed, as much as the two bodies would allow me to.... my hands reaching out blindly, pthc lada grabbing whatever it could touch..... hair, flesh, limbs..... And my hips bucking like crazy, pumping up and down, pthc panty thrusting into the moist embrace of Stefano's clutching throat.... my chest pushing up for that lashing tongue, the plaint lips clamped around the nipple... affording Eric top kds pthc bbs better access to suck my tit harder..... "Aaaahh....." I moaned, my hands pulling at them.... "Oooohhh... please do tara pthc it to me!" I gasped huskily.... not caring anymore, wanting them to do whatever they wanted... suck me, sex pedo pthc fuck me, possess me, whatever, but make me cum... forgetting all about my original desire about watching them fuck.... be just a spectator. They moved up and down, alternating, Eric at my tit and Stefano sucking my cock and then as he moved up my shivering body Eric kissed his way down, taking my pulsating dick in his oral embrace while Stefano took my right tit, lashing his tongue over the sensitive nub, biting..... On and on they went, driving me wild zeps ranchi bbs pthc with lust, making me thrash wildly, moaning like crazy. And then Stefano moved between my legs and lifting them high, pushed them apart, prizing the cheeks open to plunge his tongue in the deep crack. I moaned and shuddered as I felt the hot, wet stab of his tongue, pthc pedo kiddy incest my heels digging into the mattress, the ass lifting off, arching my body. It felt incredible, absolutely amazing! He held the cheeks open and lashed dark collections pthc mazok the puckered hole with his tongue, working it around and over the ass mouth, index pthc lapping away at my fluttering orifice, probing the tightly clenched pthc young pictures anus, his fingers working around the tiny slit.... and I pushed back with abandon, harder, as if seeking little model pthc the touch of the soothing tongue.... a touch that promised to extinguish the flames of passion raging in my young soul.... a promise of pleasures it would bring... I could take it no more ls pthc bbs pics and felt my cock twitch and throb painfully.... I wanted to be taken and shouted at them to please let me cum..... do whatever erotic pthc stories they wanted! Both pulled away, at the same time, leaving me gasping and suddenly disappointed. And as I stared at them with wild eyes, pleading for them to finish what they had started, introduce me to the joys of vicky pthc teenager fucking, Stefano scooted down on the bed next to me, his solid legs dangling over the side pthc goldberg and pulled me over him in a 69! pthc kingpass keyword With a moan I settled on him, my mouth in front of his raging hardon, eyes wide with wonder, enamored by the sheer bulk of the adult pthc girl bedo sex cock. "Suck him!" I heard Eric tell me pthc proibida clips as his hands gripped my head and pushed it down into the aroused groin of pthc galleries free photo my biology teacher... filling my senses pthc hash with the musky man scent. He held me by the hair and slowly lifted my face off the sizzling groin and moved between Stefano's parted legs and holding the thick base asian pthc gallery of the fat cock squeezed it, making the tiny slit at the tip drool clear liquid. He guided it to my mouth and at the same time pushed my head down.... with a groan I opened my mouth wide and took my first cock in! It was a fantastic feeling, the twitching cock head in my mouth.... the smell, the heat, the very sight of the huge balls up close and I nearly swooned at the lewd pleasure of sexual introduction..... Stefano lunged up gently and I felt his throbbing shaft fill my mouth, pedo boy pthc the broad head nudging the beginning of my throat and I thrilled at the experience, chillporn pthc feeling my own cock throb and gush pre cum. And as the fat penis traveled deeper into my gulping throat I felt the hot embrace return, his experienced mouth reclaiming my boy dick! I grunted my approval around the cock in my mouth and thrust down with my pelvis, pushing the whole 5" cock into the constricted throat of my teacher.... Eric's hand remained on my head, guiding it, pulling it up and then shoving it down, making me take more and more brother and sister pthc of my teacher's dick while he continued to hold pthc picture elwebbs the hairy base, stroking it gently, squeezing the thick shaft.... My ears filled with the obscene slurping sound as Stefano sucked me and that got me even hotter, making me lunge deeper into his groin, taking more of his fat cock down my throat. And as I got into a regular mini model pthc rhythm Eric alex pthc released the cock and my lips sank even lower, to the very base, my nose pthc turkteen buried in the loose ball sac.... and I loved the feel of the thick bush against my lips, tickling my nose.... my nostrils flared, inhaling deeply the odor of male genitals.... intoxicated. It was a heady combination and I felt my own hips pump his face harder, faster, sending my bursting teen cock deeper into his clutching throat. Spit top teen pthc 100 flew everywhere pthc mummy as bbs pthc pedo more and more saliva rushed in to lubricate the passage of the fat cock down my throat and rolled down the shaft, making it glisten.... over the scrotum, getting the pthc naked underage girls whole area wet.... Eric released my hair and sitting down on his hunches between Stefano's spread legs lifted them high, spreading them.... He passed them under my arms, locking them in an open position under my armpits. I heard Stefano gurgle around my cock and pthc thumbnails felt him grip my ass cheeks tighter, his undergound pthc strong fingers sliding between them. And as I continued to suck him I saw Eric place his open palms on the rounded cheeks and spread them wide, parting the deep cleft, exposing the most vital opening of his anatomy.... I gasped around the cock in my mouth, my eyes pthc stories wide, as I saw the puckered hole come into view, so pthc japanese porn close to my face, totally exposed...! I saw pthc cp p the anus, all red and slightly swollen, the slit twitching visibly, the tight ring pushing out like a pouting mouth, all pink and glistening.... I shuddered pthc 12 year movies and felt my cock throb harder, the muscles in my stomach pulsing and flexing.... Suddenly Stefano sucking my cock was just a faint counterpoint to the visual stimulation I was receiving.... I nearly forgot the clutching throat and the lashing tongue, the incredible nips on my cock head as my eyes watched family sex pthc the scene in front of me.... Eric moved closer and I saw him lick his middle finger and press it against the puckered hole, gently massaging it.... and then he pushed it in!!! I felt Stefano shake and moan, lunging voodoo pthc bbs forum deeper into my groin, taking me deeper.... his hands pthc bbs imageboard tearing at my ass cheeks.... But that wasn't enough.... I was in for more visual stimulation.... Eric brought his face closer and I saw his tongue dart out licking the anus, teasing the stretched flesh ring around his embedded finger, lapping! He licked the shuddering hole, flicking his tongue around the stretched orifice as his finger probed the tiny slit, stretching it wide.... He moved even closer now and wrenching out his finger brought his face right up to the quivering bung hole, grounding his open mouth over it, covering the whole area with his mouth, cp pthc pics discussion sucking at the anal opening, his cheeks hollowing as he sucked.... My ears filled with the erotic sound of suction... and my eyes widened with sickening lust at the gross act of sexuality... I forgot all about sucking the cock still lodged deep in my mouth, throbbing hotly, as I watched, almost in a daze as Eric continued, his tongue no doubt working around the hole.... maybe even probing it.... while his pthc bbs com fingers held the cheeks stretched open, massaging them with a circular motion, sexo pthc making Stefano buck wildly..... Meanwhile Stefano's mouth too went wild, working wonders, creating a suction beyond all imagination.... making my hips strut, driving deeper and deeper still. I was pulled back and forth between the awesome visual treat and his incredible blowing, driven totally out of my young young girls bbs pthc mind.... completely crazed... cgiworld board pthc Eric pulled his mouth away and I gasped as svens films pthc I saw the open cleft, the ass slit open and pulsing, the whole valley dripping with saliva, wet and sloppy.... He stood up and gripping his rampant secret newsgroup pthc cock moved pthc img in, the bloated cock tip nudging the cavernous ass hole. He swiped it along the widely spread cleft, up and down... and each time my lips sank to the thick base of Stefano's cock, his prick came up.... just the ball bag separating it from my mouth.... "Wanna suck this elweb pthc bbs rompl too?" he chuckled, nudging my stretched mouth with the bloated head.... rubbing the leaking tip over my cheeks, nose, lips.... I could just groan in lust, desirous of whatever they asked for, offered me.... ready to surrender every inch of my body and soul to them. But he didn't feed me his cock, pulling back instead and placing the mushroom head at the tiny opening of Stefano's ass hole and as I watched wide-eyed, almost disbelieving, holding my breath, he thrust his pelvis forward and the head sank in..... pthc 02 Stefano lunged up and growled, his mouth clamping tightly around my cock..... and his cock twitched violently in my mouth, gushing bucket loads of salty pre cum down my gulping throat. I nearly came at that moment as a shudder passed through me, an awesome tingling, like a bolt of electric shock, shaking zeps ranchi mummy pthc my whole body.... I kept staring, unblinking, afraid I'd miss the awesome spectacle taking place right in front of my eyes and watched as Eric applied more pressure... and slowly, agonizingly slowly, the thick shaft began to sink further in, the whole butt taut, the ass mouth folding dark bbs forum pthc in on itself.... the wrinkled slit swallowed by the rectum.... I groaned and heard Stefano whine nasally.... his tight throat muscles flexing over the sensitive head of my cock, forcing my hips to strut uncontrollably... and his nails raked my smooth tgp pedo boys pthc ass cheeks.... pulling them gagagogo pthc only further apart, prodding my own fluttering hole with rough fingers.... making me buck harder.... And as Eric's cock sank in, up to the thick base, he thrust a finger rudely into my butt pthc pics porno hole, making me lift off his groin and holler in ecstasy.... Eric grabbed my hair and pushed me back into the groin, my mouth opening quickly to suck in the cock once 4chan pthc more alfasex pthc top and as I held onto my teacher's widely open thighs, bobbing my head up and down pthc gallery illegal picture his throbbing pthc nude shaft, Eric began to move.... to pthc asian fuck our teacher, giving beautiful pthc me exactly the thing I had wanted to see.... I gripped the fat cock and lapped away, sucking it for all my worth.... but my eyes remained wide, focused on the throbbing flesh pole as it moved in and out of the sore looking ass hole powered by the pumping teen hips. I watched it pulse and throb as it plunged repeatedly into the constricted bottom, the tight slit stretched painfully around the sliding shaft and as it fucked the tiny hole faster and faster churning up the intestinal juices I saw it glisten as it pulled out.... the large balls swinging under it. The room was filled with the sound of harsh breathing as we labored.... filled with the loud slurping as two mouths sucked throbbing cocks and the sharp smacking pthc mom lesbian of naked flesh as Eric's kitty pthc groin slapped into Stefano's bottom.... and suddenly I wanted more... Taking the cock out of my mouth I lowered my face further, my tongue slithering out to lick the loose ball sac.... nudging r ygold hussyfan pthc playfully at the huge balls, sucking them in one at a time.... and then moved even lower, licking the sensitive perineum... flicking photo pthc over the thick ridge that ran from the scrotum to the ass mouth. And as I looked on I saw the mouth being pulled out and high by the withdrawing cock, the stretched ring clinging desperately around the wide shaft.... and then it folded in, vanishing into the ass chute along with the sinking dick... I shuddered and groaned as my tongue cautiously edged further.... towards the junction of penis and ass hole... thrilling at the forsaken idea of licking the juncture of male-male union.... I licked the tender flesh as it was pulled high... my tongue traveling along the glistening shaft and then back to the sensitive perineum as the cock drove in deep, the ring vanishing with it... Eric's pthc cp imgboard pubic bush mashed against the taut cheeks.... into my face..... And the reward of my actions was instant.... Stefano lunged deeper into my groin, nipping my cock head beyond comfort... making my stomach churn underage pthc lols bbs and heave... making ranchi virgin pthc the balls draw up closer to the base kdv rbv pthc boys of my cock.... The muscles strained, pthc bbs posts flexing.... and then it just exploded. It blasted at me, tearing at my guts, the balls melting away and pushing themselves through the narrow urethra.... The bubbling hot cum shooting out of the twitching tip, splashing Stefano's throat with its salty cream.... It was explosive, gut pthc kids wrenching.... leaving me totally wasted, completely drained. I slumped over him, like a rag doll, limp devoid of all strength, my toplist illegal pthc mouth sucking on his throbbing cock like a giant pacifier.... my eyes still drinking in the awesome view of the cock bolting up his bottom... never missing a beat. I felt him pull out his fingers from my banja board pthc cgi flexing bottom forum pthc pics and push my hips high, pthc kds pics the limp cock slipping out of his mouth and heard him tell Eric to pull out... "Take it out Eric, we are being very selfish.... lets give him a taste of your prick!" said Stefano, still grunting with each massive thrust of Eric's cock. "He took three fingers in... he's totally ready for your cock." "Huh?" I wondered, hardly comprehending.... "Three fingers?!" I trembled as desire washed pthc sexy girls over me... feeling my ass hole twitch and open up, the insides churning and heaving. korean pthc And as I lay over him, my eyes barely open, I saw the rigid cock pull out.... coated with the intestinal juices, all slimy and glistening, throbbing furiously. And the ass mouth seemed reluctant to let go, clinging tightly to the pthc ptsc bbs forum withdrawing shaft to the very last. Stefano rolled me off him and got up on the bed fully, lying pthc nvg down once more to pull me up over him again.... My knees settling on paradise public board pthc either side of his head, his face back, between my parted thighs... I felt him pull my cheeks apart and his tongue slither out, licking my sensitive perineum... beast pthc jabbing at my pthc naked tulips tightly knotted balls and then moved higher, into my ass crack.... to my kds pthc list boy slit, the tongue prodding pthc serial number crack the virgin opening.... I felt Eric climb in and move behind me.... I felt him place a hand on the small of my back and press down and as Stefano pulled his mouth away, still holding the cheeks apart, I felt the hot tip of Eric's cock butt me.... I gripped my teacher's thighs and gurgled, burying pthc pedo teens rape my face in his groin.... barely able to hold back my desire any longer.... END OF PART TWO DID YOU LIKE IT ? MAIL ME Back pthc mexico to Top For other stories by same author click here: Stories by OUTLAW 2001 by the Author
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